Brighten Up The Block

Learn how to make your neighborhood safer AND more energy efficient! Our innovative “Brighten Up the Block” community program will do both.

Community Campaign: Brighten Up Your Block

This program is designed to promote healthy neighborhoods in the Sacramento area, as well as to promote public safety and deter crime.

My name is Will Hammack and I have been a lighting expert and energy consultant for 20 + years. In my professional experience, there is no question that crime and violence occurs more often in the dark.  A simple Google search of crime after dark in Sacramento and you’ll be surprised at the level of murders, robberies, theft and drug related crimes in our communities.

My company, Wills Resource Electric, will be launching a program to offer a solution to ensure that the safety level is at it’s optimal potential. Many homes in Sacramento are under illuminated in the front of and around the home, which potentially poses as a threat to their privacy, property and overall neighborhood safety. Low light levels also counter act the investment in camera equipment “ If you cannot clearly capture the criminals on video”.

Neighborhood streets with limited or lack of streetlights show an increase in crimes such as car theft, burglary, assault and vandalism.  Additionally, having a brighter area at night could aide law enforcement in patrolling and in performing their duties more safely.

The Solution:

WRE is offering a service to various communities to upgrade and install new energy efficient exterior light fixtures for homeowners. Many lighting systems are outdated and provide poor light output. With updated systems installed, we will see brighter streets and less criminal activity in our neighborhoods and communities.

The cost for this service would be $269 in labor for up to three (3) fixtures replacing the existing fixtures. For now, the customer will supply the replacement fixtures until We finalize a supply line from reputable venders. Additionally, replacement systems must be accessible from an 8 ft. ladder. Should additional work be required, WRE will work out a plan with each individual homeowner.

Additionally, with this campaign, I am offering free or reduced rates for seniors, veterans and low-income residents in the community, as every citizen deserves to feel safe and secure in their home and community.  

I’m now reaching out to caring citizens for your support. Please contact me to explore how you can help promote this campaign and make our streets and neighborhoods safer, donations appreciated.  I look forward to speaking with you and with us working together to improve our communities.


Will Hammack
WillsResource Electric & Lighting
(916) 676-3737